Commercial Contract Installation Services

Our Installation Division performs Cable TV, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone and broadband Internet access installation for commercial and residential subscribers.


Our technicians are thoroughly trained to provide installation services within single family dwellings or Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU). We are skilled at Aerial, Underground and in house cable installation to support voice, data and video access. Installation of cable to support data, voice and video is a core competency. Our field managers and technicians are adept at supporting a client’s in house technical capabilities or can assume complete responsibility for a client’s installation requirements.  In house technical support is trained to insure correct and efficient connections to the complete spectrum of home entertainment systems that are typically encountered in commercial and residential installations.


High Speed Internet Access

Near Future technicians are trained to install cable modems for high-speed Internet access. The tasks associated with these installations require a balance of hardware and software expertise to assure that our client’s end users have a positive installation experience. This expertise is especially important as a larger percentage of households move to multiple computers and wireless networks within the home environment. As small office and home office requirements proliferate, skilled technicians must be deployed to operate effectively in the broad spectrum of computing, software and hardware that are typically encountered in these settings. Our technicians possess the technical, software and customer relationship skills to insure that our clients’ customer service level expectations are consistently met.


Cable Television

The Near Future technician is thoroughly trained in the cabling requirements for Aerial, Underground and in house coaxial cable installation. Commercial and Residential installation is performed to the Client’s plant specifications. Trained to NCTI standards, our technician’s installation techniques meet today’s rigorous standards. Our Field Supervisors audit a high percentage of installations to insure that our performance meets our client’s unique specifications and that our work complies with industry standards. 

Near Future technicians are thoroughly competent in the installation of standard cable TV Converters, High Definition Converters, Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) and High Definition DVRs. Careful attention is devoted to the installation of the appropriate filters to insure that illegal access to Client’s services is minimized. 


Collection, Upgrade, Exchange, and Audit Services

Additional project based services offered by our sales division are, collection service, converter exchange and converter upgrade service. Oasis recommends that these services be project managed throughout a client’s system. We provide daily and weekly reporting on project management engagements. Near Future also provides our clients with the capability to perform system wide audits to prevent illegal hook-ups, signal filter installation and programs for conversion to paying subscribers.