Government AV 

As a dedicated integrator for government services, Near Future’s approach is unrivaled and at the same time unparalleled. Our expertise, experience and adept arsenal of professionals ensure that everything from operation to task is performed and executed properly. From top to bottom, everything is done and installed in the first time itself and there is an assurance there won’t be any technical snag or the instrument will not fail.


Boardroom Presentation:

With a Near Future boardroom audio-video package, you can enhance the visibility of power point presentations. Other than this, you will be able to dim the lights of the boardroom, change slides, and drop recessed screen and that too just with a single button touch.


Video Conferencing:

With state-of-the-art encryption technologies, you do not have to worry about the secrecy of video conferencing. Besides, our skilled staffs and top-of-the-line satellite systems and structured cable systems ensure that you do not face any kind of problem related to noise and, at the same time, have a wonderful and smooth video conferencing experience.



Near Future LLC also provides consulting services for our government clients. Want to know how you can facilitate a better audio-visual technology to your agency? Just ask for our consulting services and our certified engineers will be there to solve your problem in no time.


Areas of Expertise:

AV, CCTV, Testing, Satellite, Telecom, Patching, Dish Install, Termination, Fiber Backbones, Network Installation, DS3 and T1 extension, Fiber optic Splicing & Testing, Cable Infrastructure (Coaxial, Fiber, Cat 5e)


For more information and your installation quote, please call: (866) 817-8145.