Distributed Antenna System

A distributed antenna system supports numerous wireless technologies, as well as a public safety system. It offers the capabilities for each industry’s unique specifications, be it healthcare, hospitality, enterprise, school campuses, and shopping centers access to radio communication for first responders in case of an emergency.


A DAS (distributed antenna system) is a network of spatially separated antennas that receive their waves from one central antenna, providing a wireless network within a geographic area or structure.


With a standard in-building DAS system the cellular source is usually at a higher elevation, and it provides the wireless signal to the building. Signals are transmitted into the building through head-end equipment which converts the RF signals to digital pulse signals. Wireless distribution then disperses the digital signals throughout the building by way of fiber cabling, and are received by remote node locations that convert them back into RF signals and radiate them through multiple, strategically situated antennas for reliable in building wireless coverage.


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Reliable wireless distribution is an integral part of business and pleasure. A high quality in-building DAS will deliver an optimal wireless network system.


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