Government Structured Cabling 

It is an inescapable fact. Technology advances exponentially. A good cabling system is the foundation of any network, and a properly designed and installed network should last for years and achieve the speed it was designed to render. With the advent of bandwidth-hungry applications, many institutions are expanding their network to 10 Gigabit cabling standards, and some are extending fiber optics to the work area to combine voice, data, and video conferencing capabilities to key personnel.


Although your current network may be ahead of the curve now, you will most likely be considering some upgrades in the future. Can you be confident that your cabling infrastructure will meet future challenges? Near Future will design your network infrastructure, providing you with a cost-effective and standards-compliant network to ensure scalability for future network expansion and growth.


Near Future offers nationwide inside plant and outside plant fiber optic and copper network design, construction, installation, and maintenance services. Allow us to assist you with your next project.



Inside Plant Fiber and Copper Network Design Construction and Maintenance Services (Structured Cabling Systems):

Design and construction installation services to install cable trays, AC power, DC battery plant, grounding backbone, and equipment rack installation.
Professional CADD and Visio network plan support services
Project Management
Project material order and purchasing
Horizontal and riser backbone installation (singlemode fiber, multimode fiber, cat. 3, and cat 5e copper cable)
Singlemode and multimode fiber optic distribution panels and fiber patch cords
Cat 5e termination panels and patch cords
TDR and OTDR testing and labeling
Network node mapping/site survey’s to provide update drawings of clients telecommunications room floor plans with update information of equipment in relay racks and if requested, give update drawing showing existing cabling information (detail level per client’s request)


Outside Plant Fiber and Copper Network Design Construction and Maintenance Services:

Singlemode fiber cable network backhaul routes and campus singlemode, multimode, and copper cable routes (underground plant). Includes route path survey verifications
Fiber route plan review to determine conflicts of proposed utility crossings
Professional CADD services with plan & profile construction packages and details (Microstation or Autocad)
Permit approvals – City, State, and County Municipalities
Project Management
24 x 7 fiber backbone cable route maintenance restoration services (aerial and underground)
Project material order and purchasing
RCDD/OSP consulting services
Fiber route splicing (heat shrink fusion and mechanical)
Bi-directional OTDR testing, power meter, and labeling
Damage Prevention Specialist Services


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